What’s next for Geronimo?

Many of you will have been following the case of Geronimo, a black stud male imported from New Zealand. Almost £7,000 has been raised through crowd funding, a petition has been signed by 10,000 people and the owner of the alpaca is now making an application to seek a judicial review. This is a complex case involving the alpaca industry’s voluntary blood testing scheme for bovine tuberculosis, the government’s testing regime and the issue of priming.

The overarching industry body British Camelids along with its breed societies, the British Llama Society and the British Alpaca Society have issued a press release supporting the case for a judicial review.

The council of British Camelids Ltd along with the British Llama Society (BLS) and the British Alpaca Society (BAS) wish to endorse and support the efforts of Ms Helen MacDonald in seeking a Judicial Review of her case regarding her alpaca (Geronimo) and DEFRA. In addition the council of British Camelids Ltd. and the board of the British Llama Society agree with, and endorse, the letters sent by the British Alpaca Society to Mr George Eustice MP on the 3rd April 2018 and the 16th July 2018 and which to date there has been no response.

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