Yummy or Yucky?

Emma Collison of Moor View Alpacas in Cornwall kicks off this look at alpaca meat.

Alpaca meat – some seem to think this is controversial but alpaca meat is becoming more common in the UK so maybe it’s time to have an open discussion about it.

Alpacas have some of the finest fleece in the world and make wonderful pets. However, there are thousands of alpacas in the UK so are all of them suitable for fleece production?

The answer to that is NO.

With all farming we have to look at all aspects of the animals. Like sheep we use all of the animal, the best for breeding, and then the rest for meat. Why should alpacas be any different?

Moor View Alpacas have been selling meat for five years now. We have been promoting the meat and alpacas as an all round animal for fleece and meat making the most of the animal with great success.

The process: we don’t cull anything under three years old but anything over that age, we do use. When we started we picked the animals out on hand ability, i.e. bad behaviour because we can’t sell animals like that on to customers. We are now at the stage where we buy in from other breeders as we can’t keep up with demand and these animals come to us as generally breeders are at their last option.

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